The Technological Changes Has Become Astronomical

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Growing Up Four generations will be discussed starting with information on the technological changes which has become astronomical. My grandparents saw a lot of inventions that paved the way for the younger generation. Things that were coming to be, kind of took a stand still at least for me. But my father and mothers’ parents were amazed at how things had transpired like indoor plumbing, automobiles, and the television. When growing up indoor plumbing was not installed in my grandparents’ house, but the outhouse was hidden from view. It was also kept clean with new paint, now and then, and always a tissue roll or two. Ours was not only a sight, but could be seen from the road, and we would try to sneak out when it was needed to be used. We did not want our friends on the bus to catch us running to and fro, and guess that we did not have an indoor bathroom like other homes. Couple of dad’s sisters never learned to drive, but the youngest one sported the very latest year model, and worked outside the home, as a school teacher. Women in the work field, but men still took the lead, and that would be the day not to mention a sight to see, a woman pumping gas, but that day happened for me. We were the opposite of dads’ sisters on the perils of driving, (well with the exception of two sisters that were scared to death too) the sooner we learned to drive, the sooner we could escape the hell that was our life. But now things have changed as our generation gave birth, we went the
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