The Technological Evolution Of The Media Industry

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The technological evolution has played an inevitable and indispensable role in changing the facade of the world. In particular, recent developments and innovations in the field of science and technology have transformed the entire paradigm of media industry. It has been established that in the contemporary or technology driven media environment, the traditional concept of ownership, intellectual property, as well as copyright has become a controversial point (Sutherland-Smith, 2015). It is due to the fact that the technological advancements have created such practices that have completely redefined the ways in which media was being consumed by the audiences. Most importantly, the contemporary media practices have also played a major role…show more content…
High-tech media tools and platforms have superficially changed the way in which people used to consume media. It has been established that the recent technological advancements have played a significant role in building entirely new and unique media environment. In accordance with the views of Bird (2011), the “new current contemporary age of information and technology” has substantially enabled the individuals to actively contribute and consume the media sources. It is significant to bring into the notice that such practices were impractical to be attained by the consumers, in the past years. Before the emergence of internet as well as web 2.0 technologies, the communication, distribution, and creation of ideas was generally aided by the “corporate middlemen”. It is due to the fact that it was quite difficult and impossible (to some extent) for the average person to coordinate in a free and independent manner. However, the evolution and development of contemporary and higher innovative web applications had changed the entire facade of the media consumption trends. In this account, it has been assessed that the web based applications and state-of-the-art technologies have completely democratised this process (Muir, 2013). It is because; by using these technologies, the users can easily participate in the consumption of media through

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