The Technology And Its Effects On The Mind Of Teaching

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Maria Montessori is an amazing and innovative person. She developed a new way of teaching children, and in that teaching she developed the senses instead of merely testing the senses. One of the most innovative ways of teaching the senses is through the sensorial materials. Auto-education is the human ability to construct the knowledge in the brain through the manipulation and handling the sensorial materials. For example, if a child chooses to work with the knobbed cylinder while manipulating the material he is able to develop visual discrimination of size, which leads to observing one’s environment with an intelligent eye, he is able to develop concentration, order coordination and independence. Also, he is able to exercise …show more content…

Montessori sensorial provides them materials that give them experience to develop their senses such as visual, auditory, olfactory gustatory and tactile. Some of the materials that will help them develop their senses unconsciously are the pink cubes, red rods, brown stairs, wherein it gives them the experience that develop their visual sense, discrimination of size and grading. The second stage is the conscious absorbent mind that occurs between ages three to six. During this age, the child consciously selects experiences to focus. For example, when a child chooses to manipulate geometric solids, color tablets, sound cylinders, and tactile tablets, etc. Repetition is highly important in the sensorial materials, as well as movement. By repeating an activity, you master a skill and also have a higher and higher success rate. If you do an activity once and never return to that activity then you do not truly develop the sense that you are trying to master. It’s as if you want to learn the piano but only play a scale once. Movement is also important because it helps solidify lessons. For example, in a later presentation of the binomial and trinomial cubes, a student may be asked to build the cubes on a table that is across the room from the pieces. The development of the will is an ability to choose something without being aware in developing slowly over the beginning phase of life and is reinforced through practice, which is

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