The Technology Development Of Autonomous Cars

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Autonomous Vehicles are already being developed by the majority of the automobile companies as Audi, GM, Toyota among others, however, the approach on the technology development to achieve the autonomy is not the same for all of them. Some companies want so they invest a lot in artificial intelligence and software development. On the other side companies such as Toyota have the objective to improve the safety features on their cars, doing for that a lot of research on sensors and ECU (Electronic Control Units). In this project was researched 7 major companies that are currently investing in autonomous cars, being Google the only one that is new on the automobile industry but, accordingly to researches carried out by the group, the most advanced on this new type of technology, showing expressive results in their monthly reports

Autonomous cars are going to be a reality on people 's routines in a near future when the first units starts to being sold, however the unmanned technology is far from being a recent discovery. Researches have been conducted on the past 90 years when the American army started to assembly flying bombs equipped with gyroscopes and barometers as components of a navigation system. Ever since, the unmanned technology has evolved in a tremendous way, and after the first GPS satellite launch in 1978, vehicles can rely on a navigation systems that is reliable and has coverage all over the globe.
The air transportation system has taken
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