The Technology Implementation Plan

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Technology Implementation
When deploying new products into an organization that contain elements you do no have experience with, like new technology, considered the human factors in the implementation process to reduce issues that may arise. When implementing new technology within a company, make sure that end users contribute into the design process and that the end user will benefit from the change. Managers should communicate constantly and effectively, involve employees, and leadership to endorse the technology and the change process.
Implementation plan
Technology Implementation plan consist of up-to date and usable procedures for example consist of up to date and usable procedures for example: Design Plans describe
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Unexpected changes may be disruptive, and leadership may encounter resistance. To manage technology changes the first step is to understand technology dynamics, and resistance it generates. According to Regan and O’Conner (2002), managing organizational changes requires understanding the variables and their interdependencies; creating a climate for learning; recognizing new power distributions and handling complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Of course, technology changes take a toll on the employee’s morale and managerial time and emotion. Sometimes plans are abandoned because of strong employee resistance or because the managers feel unprepared or unable to implement the changes successfully. (Chapter 11.2.2 Technology Brings Change).

e. Communication plans
First in order for the goals and objectives of the communications plans to succeed, It is very important that staff involved in this plan are aware of the leaderships support and direction. In addition, leader’s needed to speak positively about the project, and the process changes involved the staff should expect. Management needs to speak honestly and listen to all levels of the organization. Secondly, if the organization and its leadership did not adhere to changes proposed by staff involved, resistance is likely to occur. However, if staff involved were consulted, participant’s acceptance is more likely. Finally, it is important to
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