The Technology Of Cloud Computing

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1.0 Introduction With the rapid expansion of cloud computing and the escalating hype of future technology, it is essential to understand the possibilities it can bring to the current and the future digital world. This report will explore and go into brief detail regarding the technology of cloud computing. It will cover subject areas such as, what is the cloud, the history, the benefits and the drawbacks. The report will also look into current cloud systems that are live and are in use which will include some of our personal views within the report. 2.0 What is Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a general term used to describe a new class of network based computing that takes place over the internet, this is a step up from utility computing (which is a collection or a group of integrated and networked hardware, software on a platform). 3.0 History of Cloud Computing The foundations of cloud computing can be found back to pre-historic times however the idea was formulated in 1961 by John McCarthy, (when he gave a speech to celebrate the MIT Centennial). McCarthy developed the concept of computer time-sharing, which allows several people to use a single, central, computer at the same time. If this approach should be implemented, he claimed in 1961, “Computing may someday be organised as a public utility”. The concept of time-sharing has been made possible by the development of “so-called cloud computing” (the delivery of computing as a service rather than a
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