The Technology Of Communication Systems

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Abstract: Technology is increasing rapidly. Various new technologies in various fields are emerging day by day. Among them Communication Systems is the branch in which most part of the scientists are focused on. CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G are examples of the technologies that are developed in this field. Behind all the components included in the technology of communication system, Antennas take the most part. Smart antenna system received a greater interest for its involvement in performance improvement of wireless radio systems. Many techniques are included in this system such as enhancing received signal strength, reducing the interference and increasing capacity, etc. The main purpose of this paper is to provide how scientists approached and achieved towards smart antenna. Thus, this paper includes problems in communication, how it is overcame by smart antenna, its working like beamforming, adaptive system etc. Introduction: A decade ago, Communication systems haven’t been able to properly exploit the spatial component of mobile radio channel. Communication systems has been facing two main problems. One is using very small amount of energy and second is interference problem i.e., mixing of main signal with signal from other communication links. Here, the solution is eliminating interference and collecting total radiated energy. It may sound simple, but yes it is the solution. The system which can able to do these two works is smart antenna system. Antennas have a long
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