The Technology Of Human Skeletal Structures

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The MS Kinect has evolved for gaming purposes initially but sooner it came out with many more possibilities higher than just gaming so Microsoft decided to launch a separate device (similar to Kinect for XBOX 360) called as Kinect for Windows , along with a SDK for the developers. One such possibility is human authentication system based on the anatomy of human skeletal structure which is more advance and reliable security system. The lead developer who framed the Kinect skeletal tracking concept as well algorithm, Jamie Shotton realized that there are far more many advance and useful applications of Kinect beside gaming purpose. One such application is the person identification and authentication that describes this project work. This technology could be used for instance in home surveillance system than will more focused on filtrating out an intruder and won’t confuse with family members or pets motion.

1.1 Problem Statement
The problem is simple but BIG enough. “ CAN WE HAVE MORE SECURE PASSWORD OR AUTHENICATION SYSTEM ? ” Most powerful authentication systems are visual based. If we analyse about the visual based security based system which are mainly camera based system the problem is about the efficiency or rather limitations of the camera. Firstly typical security cameras cannot differentiate a person from robotic stuff (like quad copter) or pet , nor can they differentiate the owner of the home or outside unknown( intruder).Since

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