The Technology Of The Digital Generation Better Than The Meme

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Perhaps no digital phenomenon can encapsulate the culture of the digital generation better than the meme. The proliferation of social media outlets has made it possible for humourous, insightful, or otherwise interesting content to spread throughout the web virally. Funny image macros like “Advice Dog” and “Rage Comics” circulate through networks, from person to person, to amuse.
The idea of the meme has been around long before the conception of the internet, originating from a text on evolutionary biology; unfortunately, the copious use of the word meme on the internet has led to both the misuse of the term as well as a reluctance to utilise the word in academic discourse by some authors.
This website is intended to investigate how the memes apply to the creation and transmission of the economic philosophy Marxism, and, in doing so, demonstrate one way in which memes can be used as a critical framework.

Meme Theory:
The term “meme” can be attributed to the Professor Richard Dawkins who wanted a word to help create an analogy to describe how genes replicate themselves in the process of evolution for his book on the subject, ‘The Selfish Gene’. It was published in the mid-1970s and went on to become a bestseller amongst the biologically inclined. He took the Greek word “mimeme”, which, suitably, translated to a word similar to “imitator”, and shortened it to a monosyllabic, and thus easy to work with, word which rhymed with gene.
The word meme has since…

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