The Technology Of The Medical Field

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Final Session Paper Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in another century or lifetime? Do you think of robots instead of actual people? With the rate of how fast technology is advancing it is very well possible to have this thought. Technology in the medical field is specifically how all of these things would be possible. In the world of medicine today, researchers are finding ways to treat disease and even further try to detect it in a fetus and mend it before the baby is born. Well researchers discovered it is not only possible to do this with the traits of disease but with the genes of basic human characteristics. It all started with the enhancement of humans for medical purposes only and then researchers came across a breakthrough, which allows them to enhance traits on a fetus. Meaning parents can have a procedure done on their baby while it is still in the womb, resulting in the parents getting to pick the characteristics of their child. This new proposition of genetic enhancement has people curious to see all the possibilities this has to offer. Technology has advanced to the point where genes can be manipulated allowing the child to be athletic, or musically gifted. Even though this advancement could be beneficial the problem is science is faster than most peoples moral understanding. Once a new advancement surfaces to the public, everyone has to have it. In most cases these citizens do not do enough research to really see the future outcome from
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