The Technology Of Wireless Sensor Networks

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Sensors are used for myriad applications, from measuring and controlling the temperature in buildings to helping motorists park their cars. The military is one of the biggest users of sensors, which have become so sophisticated that they can be used to help detect enemies in the air, the ground and the water.
The demand is increasing for automation, safety & control devices as users now demand more safe solutions. Demand for automation & sensing products is increasing even under difficult economic conditions in sheer volume terms.
Wireless Sensor Network is an emerging field which has found varied applications, especially for the Military. Applications using Sensor Networks, including underwater sensors need to be explored and developed further.

Competitor Landscape
The Global market share is quite distributed over many companies. No company has an overall Monopoly. A consolidation wave is expected to continue in the sensor markets, with Amphenol (APH), TE Connectivity and Sensata Technologies among the strategic buyers.
Major Global Players are:
• Robert Bosch
• STMicroelectronics
• Texas Instruments
• Hewlett Packard
• Knowles Electronics
• Avago Technologies
• Denso
• Panasonic
• Amphenol
• Qorvo
• Measurement Specialities Inc.
• Honeywell

India’s sensors market will see a tremendous growth in near future. An increasing demand for safety solutions, coupled with growing sales of consumer electronics and defence modernization, will drive sensor demand in
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