The Technology of Computer Networks

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Introduction Computer network - a system used to link PCs or computer equipment (servers, routers, and other equipment). For data transmission can be used various kinds of electric signals, light signals or electromagnetic radiation. Computer networks can be classified according to various criteria - territorial prevalence, type of network topology, etc. One of the criteria - the type of transmission, the network is divided into wired and wireless. Wi-Fi - a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance for wireless networks based on the standard IEEE 802.11. The acronym Wi-Fi (from the Wireless Fidelity, which can be literally translated as "the quality of the wireless") is currently developing as a family of standards for the transmission of digital data radio streams. It is still often hears that the wireless network is not secure compared to wired solutions. At the present stage of Wi-Fi technology‘s development that is not true. Simply security needs to be addressed (to design and maintain), as in the case of a wired network. It has long been known that the defense of any infrastructure is only one method of creating a protected perimeter is ineffective, as often the most dangerous attacks are caused by factors within the network. Building a security system Wi-Fi network should take into account all of these factors in order to come as close to a similar level of security of wired and wireless network segments. And what, in fact, an attacker can get on the wireless network , set up which
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