The Teenage Liberation Handbook By Grace Llewellyn

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Schooling has always been of great importance to our society. Most parents, want their children to have a proper education. They believe in the importance of a good education and doing what is the utmost for their child. Unschooling is a method of where there is not teacher teaching the student. Each student has to be able to learn on their own without the help of others. Yes, they can have help, but it is a personal motivation for them to strive for excellence by themselves. Unschooling has dated back centuries ago when Thomas Jefferson was still alive. Unschooling is a new trending topic that results in many benefits and pitfalls. The way unschooling became popular was by a book named The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn…show more content…
The popularity of unschooling has grown immensely, which is partially attributed to its easy requirements. Unschoolers have easy requirements to follow. They have no set requirements, exams or homework that they have to complete. These students have to learn on their own without relying on the help of others. Can the unschoolers ask questions? Yes, they can but the majority of their school time is spent on their own, teaching themselves. As a result, they do not have to take any exams about the material they have learned. In addition, the students do not have a grading scale. Through this it teaches them how to manage their time better. Michelle Davis quotes, “she does not have a textbook in her house” (Education Week). The children are dependent on their own resources in the outside world to get their education from. Unschoolers have to be motivated young, individuals in order to be able to learn without the help of others. If the person is not motivated it creates for a unsucessful atmosphere for the student. The student will be unsuccessful through not having motivation to learn and that will hurt them down the road. With an unschooling child some may ask how do they find their resources? Well they learn their science from bugs, trees and in general nature. Through the outdoors that will get them the information they need. This results as their Science and English part of…show more content…
They have to be stated in order for the reader to know the side effects of what the product could be. First off motivation is a great tool for unschooling. Nothing will really happen if no motivation is in the student because the student will never want to do anything. That is one big downfall. Another downfall is that their friends will be selective if they do not branch out and meet new people. Lastly, if the child does not have woods or a great set-up for unschooling it may create a challenge for him or her.
In conclusion, unschooling is a new trending topic that results in many benefits and pitfalls. There are no requirements to get into the unschooling program. Idzie Desmarais once said, “The act of placing the power over learning and life into the individual’s hands is both empowering and motivating. The ‘motivation’ people see in unschoolers is really a joy in learning that is seen far less often among the masses in school”. Unschooling needs to be a passion, not a choice that is made by the parent. As the child chooses, there will it reap
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