The Teenager Memories . Every One Of Us Went Through Teenager

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The Teenager Memories Every one of us went through teenager era, it is the most embarrassing part of your life. Your body and mind begin to change. Despite what I had in my teenage time, it was the best era. Therefore, these are important to me due my present as well as my future. Which they are, what happened during that time, how I moved on since it broke me, and how I changed internally and externally. Let’s go back to the time, year 2010, where everything started. I used to be an excellent student during my studies in intermediate school, but something happened that changed everything. Oh what happened? Is it something that anyone had, and/or have it? Well most of the people do now have it. I was 15 on that time, happy because…show more content…
My nose got broken, head trauma because it is the first time I got into an accident in my life, but not the last, I will tell you about it later. My dad arrived the hospital angry why do you think is that? Oh wait I was also with my mom, sister, and two brothers. After I woke up I asked about my mom first, I do not know why, but its might me because she was angry at me, and terrified that something bad happened to her. My brother told me, that I was unconscious, they thought I am going to be in coma, but I woke up after 3-5 hours. So my dad arrived angry, and yelled at me, you how the fathers when they get scared that something happened to their kids, they begin to do something to show us how they love us, but in teenage time, we thought the opposite, anyway, I told him that I did not drive the car, its was the private driver, I told him. I know probably, you are wondering how the car accident happened, right? Alright, the accident happened when we were trying to cross the high way, we waited 10- 15 minutes to make sure the cars are gone, and safe to cross it. So the driver did cross the highway, but in matter of seconds, the second car damaged the right side of the car, where I was in front seat, and my mom in the back, seriously. The whole right side difficult to know how the shape, so that why I was asking for my mom. Before I graduate from intermediate school by one month, I begun to isolate myself, my

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