The Television Show Fuller House

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The television show Fuller House is a spinoff the original 90s show Full House, which is the story of the Danny Tanner (the father), who after the sudden loss his wife brings on board the help of his brother-in-law and friend to raise three young girls. In Fuller House, the original female child actors, Dj, Kimmy and Stephanie continue the show living as three single women in the same San Francisco home all together raising Dj’s set of three boys who have just lost their firefighter father in a bad fire. Barring the exact same plot of the show and its bad jokes, Fuller House adds Kimmy’s tween daughter Ramona as a new character to add some female diversity to raising children in the modern day. The sitcom/sequel takes you through various lessons every child must learn, along with new hurdles for the three single women to overcome in 2016 (updating Facebook profile, getting their kids to school, finding adequate babysitters and of course their dating life). Dj Tanner-Fuller, the newly widow, and mother of three boys has to juggle her job as a veterinarian, dating again and raising her boys fatherless. But have the help of her sister, Stephanie Tanner, who leaves her career as a DJ in London to help her sister, and her childhood friend Kimmy Gibbler, who now is a party planner and brings along her tween daughter, Ramona as they raise the four children together. Jackson Fuller, DJ’s eldest son struggles to cope with middle school, the death of his father and living alongside
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