The Television Show Gossip Girl

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Including lots of technical events does help to make television shows more esthetically pleasing, but there is more to it than just a prettier picture. For this part of the experiment I watched the television show Gossip Girl. The entire time I watch the episode I was constantly marking down technical events. Technical events affect out perception of reality. It might sound strange, but by using technical events the production companies are tricking our brains to believe that life happens in small moments. As an observer we only witness snippets of the full picture, our reality becomes smaller, shrunk down by the absence of real time. It tricks the viewer into focussing only on the pretty picture the director and producers want us to see. We are unable to witness the fuller picture. In real life people think about so many variables, but in television we only focus on one thing at a time. When one watches a television show it could take them only forty-five minutes to watch an episode, but days could go by for the characters. This messes with their perception of time. We base our recognition of time off ever-changing elements, by finishing and completing different tasks. When one watches TV however the viewer is unable to separate different moments because of technical events, which ruins our perception of time. Watching television without sound or subtitles was a very unique experience. For the first couple of minutes all I did was try and figure out what the character

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