The Television Show Madmen

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In the TV show Madmen, the characters are set-up in a 1960’s firm environment where the leading positions held are predominantly male. Based on the two episodes of the first season, the leading characters hold significant positions within the advertising firm and use their power and firm environment to violate various modern sociological concepts. The Violation of these concepts will be analyzed within this paper and will proceed to strengthen certain sociological concepts, such as the theory of patriarchy and feminism, through the agencies hierarchal structure based primarily on male dominated work-culture. Additionally, this paper will serve to examine how culture is a big influence when embedded into agencies, and society in general,…show more content…
Compared to contemporary society, the cliché stay at home mother is no longer the societal norm, as both genders are now assuming the maternal-home role. Mores can also be found within the Madmen TV show. Through examining the aforementioned character Peggy, the viewer can find enforced values put upon the initially awkward character. This can be found in episode 2, where the character is forced by Joan to go on a shopping spree in order to shop for “accessories” and is later forced into eating dinner with her colleagues. Within episode 1, the awkward character is also asked about her interests of any of the men. Pete also continuously asks for Peggy too. The constant reinforcement upon Peggy seems to show the enforced mores of that time, which is relationships and marriage, a concept which was far more embedded during the 1960’s than today’s modern society. The general depiction of the TV show seems to illustrate that relationships and marriage were important during that timeframe, as compared to modern society where such relations are important but not seen as a necessity. Such actions shown by these executives in the show would likely lead to indictment in modern society, as it is unprofessional and can be seen as sexual harassment. However, the culture in the show allows such actions, as relationships and marriage were seen as an integral part of society, demonstrating how mores play a core role in society. Such actions
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