The Tell Tale Heart Analysis

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In the story The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe, The author puts a lot of emphasis on the heart. But what can we infer about the heart? In the story Poe’s character claims to the audience that he was very nervous about the situation but was not insane. He claimed to have a ‘disease’ that made his hearing extra sensitive. Every night the narrator suspiciously stalks this old man who has this mysterious blue eye with a film over it. The narrator soon feels entrapped by this eye and decides to kill the old man to be set free. The narrator states how he would watch the old man every night at twelve o’clock for about a week and would carefully peak into his room, and shine a dim light over his blue tinted eye. As he did so the narrator…show more content…
As the noise grew louder the narrator decided to make the final approach towards the old man by running out yelling “Die, Die!” As the old man dies, the narrator said “Still his heart was beating; but I smiled as I felt that success was near. For many minutes that heart continued to beat; but at last the beating stopped.” As the situation stopped the narrator soon calmed down which slowed down his heart rate, the narrator soon grabbed the bed sheets, to closely listen to the old man’s heart. Once he was pleased of not hearing the heart, he quickly dismembered the body and hid the old man in his bedroom under the floor planks. After the narrator’s ‘clean up’ he heard a knock from three police officers who got a call about a scream from the house. They asked to search the house and asks some questions, the narrator felt fine and let the officers in. The narrator took the officers to each room and even sat down in the bedroom to sit and discuss about the scream. “I soon wished that they would go. My head hurt and there was a strange sound in my ears. I talked more, and faster. The sound became clearer. And still they sat and talked.” The narrator was being a little cocky about his clean up and thought he was in the clear, but was getting annoyed for how long the officers were staying for. Soon the narrator started to hear the soft ticking sound he once swore against. The narrator started to grow paranoid from this sound and soon began to snap. “Suddenly I knew

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