The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

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The Tell Tale Heart Research Paper
In “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe, Poe delights readers to a very thought out and psychological based short story of a very in depth murder from the murderer’s perspective. In “The Tell-Tale Heart: Overview” it is proven that:
“One of the most powerful contributions that Edgar Allan Poe made to the short story genre was his insistence that every element of the work contribute to the story’s overall effect. Poe frequently gave this aesthetic demand realistic motivation by making his central character or narrator so physically obsessed with a mysterious phenomenon that everything in the story irresistibly revolves around it, held in place by the psychological equivalent of centrifugal force.” (May)
And Mr. Charles E. May could not be any more correct about the phenomenal Edgar Allan Poe. The idea that Poe creates his characters with psychological struggles is proved through his use of dopplegangers between two main characters, the use of motifs related between the eye and the ‘I’ as well as the heart beat and the ticking of the clock, and lastly through the presence of insanity with sexual connotations.
It is no secret at all that Edgar Allan Poe was an exquisite man and like most extraordinary people they have an outlet to express themselves. For Poe this outlet was writing, with his writings Poe was able to express his own psychological struggles through his characters and twisted plots. One literary technique Poe used that most
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