The Tell Tale Heart Short Story

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It is quiet except for the chirping of crickets. A glut of eerie looking trees is the only thing in sight. Once you think you are safe, a figure appears in the distance, followed by the sound of feet in the snow. Someone found you. Who could it be? Will they take your side? This is suspense. Suspense fills the mind with questions and makes the reader wonder what is going to occur next. It is a little difficult to understand exactly what suspense is, but it is easier if thought about using metaphorical thinking. Metaphorical thinking is the connection of a tangible word and an intangible word to create one statement. In “The Tell Tale Heart,” “The Interlopers,” and “The Monkey’s Paw,” suspense is clearly evident, as the reader experiences an on-the-edge feeling, and feels compelled to read more. “The Tell Tale Heart,” by Edgar Allan Poe, is a short story where the reader watches the psychotic narrator carry out a plan to kill an old man he knows. The suspense in this story comes from the anticipation of the murder and when he starts to hallucinate as he speaks to the police after the murder has taken place. “The Interlopers,” by Saki, is a short story taking place in the Carpathians about two men named Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg Znaeym who take part in a lifelong feud over ownership of the land they live on. Suspense occurs in this story when the two men are face to face, preparing to kill each other, and when they are trying to see who has come to their aid. “The Monkey’s
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