The Tempest By William Shakespeare And Directed By Francis Marion

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On Saturday, October 31st,, I went to see a play entitled The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare and directed by Francis Marion’s very own, Glen Gourley. The play was performed by students of the Francis Marion community, along with a few guest artists. The Tempest was a well-rounded play that attracted the audience attention right away with a dramatic opening, and gave the audience one heck of a ride throughout. The fact that it was Halloween night might have been a reason for me to enjoy the stage effects and costumes a little more than usual. The actors did a compelling job portraying the characters, and memorizing such difficult lines. Characters such as Ariel, Miranda and Caliban were my favorites of the night to watch evolve on stage. The play at first was very difficult to understand as the Shakespearian language was a challenge barrier, because at this day in age who really understands when someone uses thou, thus, or thy with every other word. The acting, scenery, lighting effects, costumes and among other things really helped make the play, and give the audience a better prospective or feel for the theme or purpose of The Tempest. The acting was phenomenal, as everyone brought their characters to life. Each actor owned their lines using great vocal skills, body language and facial expressions. The acting in The Tempest was very believable because the dictions and body language flowed with every movement and every encounter with each character within the

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