The Tempest By William Shakespeare

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The tempest by William Shakespeare is a story about a man named Prospero and his daughter Miranda. Within the story Prospero does almost everything for his daughter. Prospero takes one the mother’s role and finds Miranda a fiance. Telling her the truth about how they came about to end up on the island. Prospero protecting Miranda at all costs making sure nothing hurts her. The Attitude prospero has towards Miranda when compared to the attitude towards others. Thought some of the things he 's done have been extreme Prospero was the best parent that he could be under the circumstances.

Prospero seized the opportunity of the ship sailing by with the prince the king and his brother to find Miranda a fiancé. Miranda is initially shocked when prospero causes a storm to get the men jump over board.
“If by your art. my dearest father, you have Put my wild Waters in this Roar, allay them. The shy, it seems, would pour down stinking pitch, dashes the fire out. O’ I have suffered with those that I saw suffer.”
(Shakespeare page , Line 1-6, pg 6 )

The whole point of prospero causing the tempest is to find Miranda a husband. In that era the mother would often be in charge of helping their daughter to find a suitable husband. Prospero took the duty upon himself to find her one. By marrying off his daughter to the future King of Naples, Prospero is making Miranda the queen of Naples. Prospero is doing two things at once; finding Miranda a suitable husband, also getting revenge on the
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