The Tempest By William Shakespeare

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On June of 2014, Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company in Louisville, Kentucky closed their season, naming the sequence of plays as “Season of Storms,” and dedicating all of them to Shakespeare, with the last play being “The Tempest.” Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” is a romantic comedy believed to be written around 1610-1611 that was presented for the first time at the Court and acted out by the King’s Men in 1611( It is also believed that this romantic comedy is one of the last plays written exclusively by Shakespeare himself. The story begins as a journey across the ocean on a ship as Alonso, the King of Naples, played by Tony Prince, and multiple of his servants are stuck in the midst of a storm and have nothing left to do, but pray for their lives. The lightning strikes and separates the ship into two, separating the ensemble of the ship. The rest of the play is set on a remote island and it is revealed that Prospero, played by Brian Hinds, is the reason why the storm has happened due of his interest in magic has prospered with the help of his spirit servant, Ariel, played by Neill Robertson. Prospero’s daughter, Miranda, played by Melinda Beck, feels uneasy about the storm and soon discovers her royal roots and as to why her father has been keeping her away from all humans for twelve years except for himself and Caliban, who is played by Gerry Rose. Through the production of the lighting, sound effects, and the overall set up of the play, Savage Rose…

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