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Gonzalo states: "We are people of our own minds and no one else's," by this Gonzalo is telling everyone that no one can control what someone sees or does. This is true unless one is using magic to alter the minds and reality of anyone under the influence of magic. In the Tempest, by William Shakespeare, Prospero uses magic to alter the reality and delude the minds of characters. Love or guilt is a form of magic that naturally occurs in one's life. Prospero creates another magic that is placed in the audience's mind when he asks them to become the master magicians. Alonso and Gonzalo's minds are deluded by Prospero's spells to make them unaware of what is happening around them or aware of something out of the ordinary, and…show more content…
Prospero casts a spell to make Caliban's body fill with cramps and pinches all over. Direct magic doesn't always work in one try, so a person may attempt to do something again. Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano try to kill Prospero, but Prospero casts spells on them to fill their bodies with cramps and pinches. Prospero does this for two reasons. One is to keep from getting killed and, two is to punish them. Because of this, Caliban repents toward the end of the play. The spells are physically applied, but they also have a mental affect.      Natural magic is about to take place, i.e., falling in love and/or feeling guilty for one's actions. This is a natural occurrence in one's life and is part of reality. Miranda falls in love with Ferdinand when they first meet. Miranda tells Prospero about the fine looking creature. She may be saying this because she has never seen a man; nevertheless, she is in love. Prospero plans for this to happen; because Prospero is planning for this to happen, he has to make Ferdinand prove that he is worthy of Miranda. Ferdinand doesn't know Miranda, but wishes he could get to know her. They gaze deeply into each others' eyes, and instantly they feel a passion burning that can not be hidden. Prospero expects this to happen, but he doesn't cast any spells. Ferdinand does physical labor to prove that he is in love with Miranda. This shows the power

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