The Tempest, Frankenstein And Medicine Walk

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Paternalism in The Tempest, Frankenstein and Medicine Walk
Studies in behavioral genetics show that that genetics interact with the environment and influence psychological characteristics (Russell). Therefore individuals are not solely a product of their genes or their environment, they interact to form the whole person. Within The Tempest, Frankenstein, and Medicine Walk it is shown that the quality of a paternal relationship is a dominating aspect of an individuals environment and therefore it has the power to shape the individual. A paternal relationship is defined as a relationship between a dependent or offspring and the individual they depend on. For example this could mean the father figure could be biological or just an individual that offers the dependant support. In these texts different paternal relationships arise varying from an absent father to a present supportive fathers to a father that wishes to destroy his creation. With these examples of paternal relationships it is shown that they have a lasting impact on the dependant.
One of the different relationships that arise within these texts is that of the absent father figure. Examples of an absent father are present in Frankenstein and also in the Medicine Walk. In Frankenstein Victor was the absent father figure from the moment his creation came to life (Shelley 84). Through the creatures development he did not know what a real human relationship was like, because he had never experienced it for himself. His

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