The Tempest Quote Analysis

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The Great Chain of Being has been around since the Classical period and places people of society in a certain order. A person’s position is controlled by how spiritual they are, where God is at the top, then angels, which furthermore leads to a king, men, winged animals, and all the way down to the Devil. For anyone desiring to move up the social ladder, that action will cause commotion to the uniformed chain and would lead the other divisions to also move up. In Shakespeare’s drama, The Tempest, the use of ambition reiterates the importance of how a gluttonous desire can conduct disorder or align the Great Chain of Being. Overdosage of this impulse causes The Tempest’s “cake” to have a repugnant aftertaste. Yet removing the unnecessary cups of ambition and replacing it with only good intentions and motivations, overall leads the “cake” to taste satisfying in the end. For the majority of the play, Prospero holds a grudge on the noble court and revolves around a revengeful personality. Multiple scenes throughout the play contain disbalance in the GCOB due to someone craving to be a king. After Prospero brews up a rigid and eye-opening storm, Miranda finds out it is his “[awakened] evil nature” (1.2.113) that triggered…show more content…
Both order and disorder would not have been possible without ambition, the make it or break ingredient. After the trials of stirring the ingredients together and baking it, it all comes down to the result of the “cake”. Destructive ambition versus healthy aspiration is revealed in the character’s desires of moving up the Great Chain of Being. The cake in this context represents the product of all the good and bad events in The Tempest. The repulsive items include the grudges, emotional pain, disorderment of the Great Chain of Being, and excessive ambition. Opposed to the appalling elements, a good cake must be balanced with sweet ingredients such as: forgiveness and
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