The Tempest by William Shakespeare

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At this point in the play, Prospero is about to get his revenge on the people who have caused him pain. However, as he is giving the soliloquy, he seeks redemption and attempts to reject his powers and revenge. Though he has been living for the past twelve years with wrath and a desire for revenge, he turns away from that path and seeks to become a better person. Shakespeare shows the complete reversal of Prospero’s character through the breaking or giving up of things that are symbolic of his power.
As a form of redemption, Prospero states that he would break his staff and drown his book after one last spell. The book that Prospero refers to has various symbolic meanings (Act V. Scene 1. 57). It symbolizes power and Prospero’s source of magic. With the help of the book, Prospero was able to cause an eclipse, create a tempest and destroy Jove’s tree. It also shows his withdrawal from the world, since the whole reason that he was exiled was because he neglected his people to study magic. It represents the barrier between him and his dukedom. He realizes in order to get his dukedom back, he must sacrifice his magic. To show his change of view, he states “By my so potent art. But this rough magic/ I here abjure” to describe his power (Act V. Scene 1. 50). When Prospero says “potent” it could represent “powerful”, and…

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