The Templars-Personal Narrative

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The ritual begins, Templar chanting and moving, but still. It's as if time itself has stopped, I can feel something within me rising as if it wants free, but it hurts, hurts so much. I look down and all I see of myself is my chest, I don't know what's going on, there's a blinding light, then it goes black, I hear screaming, panicking. The Templars are visibly distressed, sweating from their palms to white foreheads. Suddenly, I feel a great thrust back into me, the feelings no longer want out, it's resisting them. Everything goes pitch black, I can't even see my hands, my legs, or torso. The pain increases with every second, fear infiltrates my mind, pain fills my body, callous fills my heart. I can suddenly feel so many negative feelings and I can't comprehend what's going on. I yell out for my mother and father, but no one came.... I look down and I'm melting away as if I was losing grip on reality itself, I didn't even notice the Templar terrified expressions, one even is melting. The darkness fades as I fall to the ground, I am not myself anymore, so many expressions of sorrow flow through me…show more content…
I've grown accustomed to this new form and its new power that comes along with this. However, there are some slight side effects, I'm no longer able to feel… empathy… everything feels sad and morose. It's been so long since the incident, I don't feel bad about what I've done, their demise was inevitable. I've become a legend since the attack, people have searched for me and even have found me, but they weren't prepared for what would happen to them. They were pulverized from limb to limb, quite hilarious if you ask me. I see many things from top upon this mountain such as the new towns that have been growing ever so slightly. Year in and year out conflicts and skirmishes appear to then only for them to rise again the next day, and people say I've gone insane, how
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