The Temple Of Portunus : An Example Of Effect Form And Function

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Many aspects of Roman culture were not created in a vacuum, but instead were adapted from elements of other cultures. The local groups in Latium provided the basis for the smaller settlements outside of Rome to flourish. The Etruscans brought architectural influences as they expanded through Southern Italy, and the Romans were no exception to the draw of Greek inspiration. The Romans included foreign elements and innovative construction methods in the forms of their public and private spheres. The components of form include layout, location and materials. The forms of these spheres were intended to suit practical and aesthetic functions, which were political, economic and social motives. Essential to the Romans was attaining personal glory…show more content…
The elements of the building’s form precede the key function of the temple, which was to display the political, economic and social importance of the benefactor. This personal glory for the donor was achieved through the Temple’s function and he was able to cut costs using concrete.
However, in addition to cutting costs, concrete also proved to be a necessary tool in the advancement of Romans arch technology when location became an obstacle. This innovation is exemplified in Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia. The location of this temple at the top of the central hill draws parallels to Greek temples as it is placed on a high ridge. This has the effect of displaying the settlement’s piety and wealth. This lofty location proved to be an impetus for a new method of Roman construction: concrete and reveted arches. To keep the budget low, the Romans first drew from the early Etruscan corbel arch. Innovating from that Etruscan influence, they created voussoir vaults with expensive cut stone. Decreasing the cost further, the Romans invented hydraulic concrete by mixing pozzolana in the mortar. These improvements allowed the Romans to build The Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia along a hill, using voussoir and concrete arches below the structure which were reveted in opus incertum to give the appearance of expensive materials. At the very top of the structure, the builders included a beacon of Greek influence in the temple layout with a
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