The Temples Of Egypt And Ancient Egypt

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The temples of Egypt were and still are associated with a great deal of religious value. The temples were built to be the homes of the gods and goddesses of the land. Ancient Egyptians believed in the importance of pleasing their gods. As a result, they ensured that beautiful and magnificent temples were built to be the homes of these gods. In this regard, these temples were also used as places of worship. These temples were therefore the places where the Egyptians spent most of their time performing rituals, sacrifices, giving offerings and performing festivals among others. All these activities served to ensure that the gods were pleased and that they would bless the lands of the Egyptians. The kings and pharaohs of Egypt were also allowed to live in these temples because of their status in society.
There are many temples in Egypt that are significantly important. Some of them have become ruined because of their age but many of them are still standing at present. Just like the pyramids, these temples have become major tourist attractions for the country. This is attributed to the fact that they portray the heritage and culture of the country that is embedded in religion. For this reason, some of these temples have even been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. The aim of this paper is to therefore analyze one of these temples, precisely the Abu Simbel temple. The paper will go into detail to discuss the significance and imagery of the temple as brought out by…
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