The Temptation Of Saint Anthony: Master Of The Osservanza

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The Temptation of Saint Anthony Abbot by the Artist: Master of the Osservanza, ca. 1435–40. Located at New Haven, Connecticut Yale University Art Gallery. This paint of Saint Anthony is certainly has a measure of 38.4 x 40.4 cm, Saint Anthony has a crown with brilliant gold color he is simply just dressed in a black robe and what stands out is his beard as it is long and shows how the saint is old, and the loss of his hair with the past of the years we can see that he carries a rosary on his belt, we can also see that he does not use any shoes and he walks barefoot. To his right, Another feature of originality of these Temptations is the artist shows the demon she seem calm who is covered by a pink dresser, and a blonde hair you can see
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