The Ten Attributes Of The University Of Queensland

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The purpose of this assignment is to analyse and discuss one of the seventeen attributes of the University of Queensland that was demonstrated during the management of the particular case study. Although all seventeen attributes should correlate and in fact are interrelated, this assignment will analyse and focus on one attribute: “The ability to interact effectively with others in order to work towards a common outcome”. To present this case study various technologies were used such as: records of the medical practice that included medical history, pathophysiology, nursing plans, diagnosis, related treatment, nursing intervention, evaluation and recommendation of health care professionals or other health care providers. Despite the fact…show more content…
Lung cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer related death. The most common cause of lung cancer is active and passive cigarette smoking (Lemone & Burke, 2011). Additionally, environmental and occupational risk factors associated with lung cancer are: benzopyrene and radon particles related to uranium mining, radiation and nuclear bombs, air pollution, diesel exhaust at cetera (Port, 2011). The age-adjusted occurrence for 2007 in Australia discloses that lung cancer is the fourth most commonly diagnosed cancer in males and females aged sixty and over (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare [AIHW] 2011). Both cytological and histopathological samples are used to make an analysis of lung cancer so that the appropriate treatment can be done. In 2014, about 11,550 Australians, mostly men, were diagnosed with lung cancer (Australian Bureau of Statistics [ABS], 2008). Lung cancer, or pleuro pulmonary neoplasm, is an aggressive class of malignancies originating in the bronchial passageways or alveoli. These cancers affect the epithelial cells, line conducting passageways, mucous glands, or alveoli (Berman, Snyder, Levett Jones, Dwyer, Hales & Harvey, 2012). Symptoms generally do not appear until the condition has progressed to the point at which the tumour masses are restricting airflow or compressing adjacent structures. Chest pain, shortness of breath, a cough or a
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