The Ten Design Principles Of Good Design

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For manufactured products to be successful, they must accomplish several crucial points. These points are highlighted in the belief system founded by Dieter Rams known as the ten design principles of good design. Beginning at the drawing board, it is vital that designers keep all of these aspects and margins in mind while developing their product. Brita, a company that focuses on water filtration products, is one of the few corporations that satisfy almost all of Ram’s commandments. In particular, the Brita Sport Water Bottle follows his famous design doctrine especially well. These design concepts contribute to all of the product’s successes throughout the years. Brita, a company that has lasted for over 40 years, has a history equipped with many successes that have contributed to their growth. The business was founded in 1966 by Heinz Hankammer in Germany with a clear vision in mind. His vision was a world where drinking clean water can continuously available to everyone who seeks it (Brita, 2016). They have come a long way since their founding in the late 60s. Not only do they sell filters but they have progressed to the sale of faucet systems, filtered pitchers, dispensers and water bottles. Throughout the years, the company has kept the founder’s family in positions of power to ensure that their vision is fulfilled. In fact, Hankammer’s son Markus Hankammer is the company’s managing director (Brita, 2016). For the past 50 years, the business has created a brand for
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