Essay about The Ten Principles of Conservatism

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Conservatives believe communities can provide structure for the natural change that they believe should be the real way of progress and that communities are capable of providing a counter force against the concentrated power within the government (Dunn, iii). Thus, community must be near the top in a list of fundamental conservative tenets, and community is the third in this list of ten principles of conservatism (Dunn, iii). Conservatives believe that within the community there are the private and voluntary organizations people can join and be a part of which can help humans grow and flourish (Dunn, iii). This view reveals why conservatives can view the community as such an important part in the lives of individuals.
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Conservatives believe citizens should think more about what they could and should do for themselves instead of thinking about what the government could do for them (Dunn, iii-iv). The fear is that the central government would end up controlling more and that there would be social and moral decay (Dunn, iii-iv).
The sixth tenet of conservatism is that democracy, in the minds of conservatives, occurs within the “context of a constitutional order carefully designed not only to limit and separate governmental power, but also to refine democratic opinion and encourage deliberation” (Dunn, iv). Conservatives see that the Constitution outlines precise government activity, and so conservatives are in favor of a strict interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. This means that conservatives want courts to interpret the law as it is written instead of making the law. That would better keep the original intentions of the framers of the Constitution intact by keeping the tradition and natural change instead of injecting one’s own views to cause change (Dunn, iv).
Property and its ownership, according to the seventh tenet, are important because they encourage individuals to care more about society. They care more because they have a greater investment in it (Dunn, iv). Conservatives suggest that because individuals are tied to their community in this solid way, there is a greater chance that they will function responsibly and desire to preserve the social order
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