The Ten Stages of Genocide by Gregory H. Stanton

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Did you know that today there are still acts of genocide happening around the world? “The Ten Stages of Genocide” is an article written by Gregory H. Stanton, the president of Genocide Watch, an organization that is fighting to end genocide. In this article, Stanton lists ten stages that will occur in a genocide, starting with the stage of classification and ending with the stage of denial. In Burma, a sovereign state, also known as Myanmar, a minority ethnic group named the Rohingya is being discriminated by the majority of the population and the government in Burma. The Rohingya have been denied Burmese citizenship since 1982, when a law was enacted by the state government that excludes the Rohingya as one of Burma’s ethnic groups (“Myanmar Will Not Recognize”). There has also been reports of ethnic cleansing, anti-Muslim violence, and forced labor (“Plight”). Because the Burmese government refuses to recognize the Rohingya Muslims as one of their official national races and denies the Rohingya of their rights, the United Nations and Gregory Stanton, president of Genocide Watch, recognize the ethnic discrimination of this group as a growing problem. The United Nations strives to stop the mistreatment of the Rohingya, and Genocide Watch declares that Rakhine State in Burma is in a state of genocide emergency, going through the ten stages of genocide. Because of the cruel treatment of the Muslim Rohingya people in Burma, the United Nations and Gregory Stanton are calling
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