The Ten-Step Investigative Strategy

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Investigative Plan In recent days it has come to the attention of this police unit that there have been a series of multiple daytime robberies. While the police department is unable to comment on the current crimes or whether there is a specific trend, an investigation has begun into the crimes and bulletins will be released quickly as information is made available. The police department has begun a 10 step investigative strategy to bring these criminals to justice in the most efficient method possible. Regarding the robberies that have already happened and any future robberies, officers are being specifically instructed to carefully draft the crime scene reports and list everything that was stolen, interview all witnesses, and isolate any evidence. Public cooperation is appreciated during these investigations as the less disturbed the crime scenes remain, the more accurate the officer's information will be. Street sweep units are currently being tripled to optimize the investigation and prevention of all suspicious activity and to ascertain any helpful information from the community. I wish to remind the public that officers can and will stop all suspicious characters within their sweep area. Third, we are asking all witnesses or informants who have information on these incidences to call the crime reporting hotline. Rewards are available for any information that leads to the prevention and/or arrest of the culprits. We are especially looking for any physical
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