The Ten Theories Of Human Nature

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First Part: Summary The Bible is one of the most important religious book. According to the book of the Twelve Theories of Human Nature, there are two distinct theories of human nature in the study of the Bible. One is the Hebrew (or Judaic) theory of human nature and the second is the Christian theory. Although these two theories are found in our study of the Bible, Judaism and Christianity are not just simple theories, but they are living religions that depict and guide the lives of their specific believers. In addition, both theories are not attributable just to a single thinker. Judaism and Christianity are not just a mere religions that we all can easily understood, for there are too many rival versions and interpretations of these traditions that people made, causing some controversies and questions which make it impossible to pacify and make everyone happy in this study. Almost every single person has their own understanding and believe of these theories. It is not clear from the opening verses of the Bible whether God is one (monotheism) or God is many (polytheism). Although God might be represented differently in the Bible according to both religions, both the Jews and Christians believe in the monotheist conception of God. According to the Judaic-Christian Conception of God, God is described as the creator, the standard of goodness and value, the moral authority and judge, the God who communicates with people, transcendent, immanent, and a person. In the first
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