The Ten Virgins : A Parable Of Jesus

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The story of the Ten Virgins is a parable of Jesus that many people have heard once or twice. However, for me, this parable has always been one of my favorite parables of Jesus. I have always like the idea of ten beautiful women waiting for one guy, and know they will be able to see. But I have always wonder if the ten virgins ever knew how long they had to what for the bridegroom? And if they knew, why weren’t they prepared for waiting? Nevertheless, I have never thought anything beyond that thought. In the back of my mind, I believed the start is about Jesus’ second coming. But, he had not died at the time or told his followers that he was coming again. Is this parable pointing to when Jesus returns? If so, will I be one of the virgins with extra oil or will I be some of the ones that are not prepared?
The Gospel of Matthew holds many stories of Jesus’s life, miracles, and teachings. This Gospel was written by one of Jesus’s disciples. This disciple was not the famous Peter, James, or John; but the author of the Gospel of Matthew is Matthew the tax collector. Matthew was a Jewish tax collector working for the Roman government because of his job, he was not very like by his people. Matthew was an outcast and called a sinner. According to the Introduction to Matthew in the Fire Bible: New International Version, the Gospel of Matthew was written around 60s A.D. When writing this gospel, Matthew wrote this gospel to be a narrative account of the good…
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