The Tenant From Hell : How A Serial Fraudster Took Advantage Of Toronto 's Red Hot Real Estate Market

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The article “The tenant from hell: How a serial fraudster took advantage of Toronto’s red-hot real estate market” was published by Kat Shermack in the Toronto Life magazine on August 20th, 2015. The article describes a young couple who moved to Doha, Qatar for a job opportunity, however decided they didn’t want to sell their home. Instead, they decided to rent out it out their home, with the help of a relator, who thought she had found them the perfect tenants. Jesse Gubb, the newly chosen tenant claimed him and his family were going to be living in the home, however Jesse had different plans. He had been illegally subletting the home to women between ages 19-25. He had put up walls and had abouthoused around 14 women living in the home,…show more content…
These crimes involved getaway cars and stolen firearms to execute a variety of robberies such as car theft, street robberies, home invasion, as well as retail and bank robberies. All the robberies took place in southern Ontario and police believe these individuals are responsible for an additional 13 unresolved crimes. The article concludes with the goal of catching the remaining gang members to collapse their entire gang, for it to finally be over.

Where we read these articles, what they chose to include and how they express the crimes are all aspects of the media that can impact how crimes are presented. The tenant fraud and robbery crime were both published ion Toronto focused platforms, however one was a daily newspaper while the other a monthly magazine. The Toronto Star is said to lean more toward the be more left wing by supporting Liberal views, which can cause their stories to focus more on the community and individuals, rather than the more political business side of a conservative platform. We saw this in the article through statements such as “terrorized their victims”, “plagued the city with the most gun violence this year” and “spreading like a bad smell”. The strong emphasis on how the community was impacted and with an ending that focused on a goal from police on how to solve this problem, proves it was casted as a problem frame. Problem frames interest and affect many
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