The Tenant Of Tenants And Landlords

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As it often happens, there may come a time when a manager of an apartment building (landlord) and a tenant argument rises up. These arguments can pop up over many different issues including lease agreement rights, responsibility for repairs to the property, rent, evictions, and more. It is unfortunate that not all tenants and landlord’s arguments can be settled by a simple conversation between both parties to the lease. While many people in the U.S. are homeowners a great many other people live as tenants in different types of rental residences. Even though tenants don 't actually own their rental residences they do receive certain rights almost the same in some ways to ownership rights. Tenants of rental residences and their landlords also have responsibilities to each other, including residence repairs. Depending on the situation/event, a tenant or a landlord may be responsible for making repairs to the tenant 's rental residence.
Knowledge of state law is extremely important to both tenants and landlords. Managers of apartment buildings want to run a money-making business and protect their investment. Tenants want to be happy in their rental homes and protect their rights. At the end of the day, managers of apartment buildings and people who occupy those rooms want to avoid legal hassles when it comes to rent, deposits, repairs, and other key issues. Let 's take a look at Larry 's and Roger 's situation and figure out the best course of actions from both points of view.
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