The Tension Between The United States And The Soviet Union

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The tension between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War allowed for both nations to exhibit questionable actions around the globe. The Iran-Contra Affair was one event that occurred under Reagan’s Administration that exemplified the trans-national impacts the Cold War was having around the world. The Affair is a combination of the United States’ actions within the countries of Nicaragua and Iran. However, the United States’ involvements were both ethically questionable as well as the motives of the Cold War. Although the actions in Nicaragua and Iran were separate actions, they showed how the government was involved in questionable activity around the globe while in the full-swing of the Cold War. The Iran Contra…show more content…
Nicaragua was a primary example for the efforts and motives of the United States during the Cold War. “Nicaragua was one of those places where freedom was at risk, together with Afghanistan and Angola and even Poland” which made the United States see them as a place that needed assistance from the largest and most successful democracy of the time. Following the election of President Reagan, there was a resurgence in American efforts of preventing the spread of communism. Although Nicaragua had been in the sights of the United States for so long, they revitalized their efforts in a new scheme with Reagan’s administrations involvement. In Nicaragua, there was a revolt brewing with anti-communist ties. The revolt was being led by the rebel group, the contras, who aligned themselves with American hoping for assistance within their rebellion. The CIA and the administration was assisting a group in overthrowing its established government to help promote its ideological perspective within Central America. This would not seem uncommon for the United States government during the Cold War Era, due to the fact that they had done this on so many different occasions since the Cold War with the Soviet Union began in 1945.
The correlation between these two nations was not known to the public as well as Congress but were actually deeply connected due to their secret dealings with the
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