The Tension between Argentina and Britian

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Argentina and Britain have always had mild tension between them almost since the the independence of Argentina, this main cause of tension has always been over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. Britain first claimed sovereignty of the Islands in 1765 alongside France around approximately the same time, however France transferred it’s settlements to Spain in 1767. Britain left their settlement on the Island in 1774 but claimed they never relinquished sovereignty. Spain also abandoned their settlement later in 1811. (BBC News , 2013) In 1820 an Argentine merchant, Luis Vernet, tried to established commercial settlements on the islands. These settlements were not officially claimed by Argentina until 1828, when Luis Vernet submitted his proposal for official recognition of his commercial settlement on Malvinas to become an Argentine colony. The Argentine government, shortly after receiving the proposal, declared their claim to the islands. (Lorton, 2012) In 1833 the first conflict between Britain and Argentina occurred in regards to the islands. Britain had returned to islands to expel the Argentine garrison, the British removed the Argentine flag flying on the island and sent it back with their men to the mainland with a message, “the British had found, a foreign flag in the territory of His Majesty.“ (Lorton, 2012, p.g 151). The Argentine settlers on the Island were allowed to remain alsong as the accepted British rule, however most settlers left gradually after.

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