The Term Assessment Of An English Class

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The term assessment is a function that gathers accurate information needed to make wise instructional decisions and to reach fair judgments about student learning. The term assessment usually refers to full range of information gathered and synthesized by teachers about their students and their classrooms. The effective use of new assessment tactics requires new expectations about instruction, learning, and assessment; however, in order to make sure that all three modules are balanced and effective, educators need to answer the question, “What do we want students to learn?” Not long ago, educators and school administrators have often focused almost entirely on content. The objective for an English class, for instance, would be articulated in relations of the literary genres students will learn. By questioning what we want students to learn and be skilled to do, imposes a more sprawling look at curriculum goals and brings up the question of relevance: For how long will the students learn literature? What individual skills, like reflection, accountability, resourcefulness, compassion for others, effective self-expression, etc., can be fostered through interaction with literary texts? As educators, we need to be intentional and specific about the goals we set for out students. Teachers need to bring together content and performance. As these clear objectives regarding student learning are established and knowledge constructed, the students progress has to be monitored

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