The Term Effects Of Marijuana

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Have you ever thought of the effects marijuana has on the human body? Marijuana is now being used more as medicinal and recreational use, and its usage is constantly increasing among many young adults in today’s society. You should know the effects of Marijuana and its medicinal purposes so you can make the choice of whether or not to use it and whether you will use it for medicinal purposes. With extensive scholarly research, today we will be discussing intermediate, long term effects and medicinal purposes of marijuana.
According to The Foundation for a Drug-Free World the immediate effects of marijuana use includes an increase of heartbeat rate, disorientation, and also lack of physical coordination. Other effects that uses may
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Funding is received from the State of California and private donations. Numerous studies conducted at the CMCR have concluded many positive results in the treatment of many disorders and diseases with limited negative side effects. The important item of note is that Public Funds are being distributed to this research so it is safe to conclude that the information is accurate. With time the legalization is slowly making its way across the United States. So far medical marijuana is legalized in 29 states and Washington DC. It is very important to learn about both benefits and risk factors that will be involved with marijuana, as any other thing you consume. There are several positive aspects to look at with the use of medical marijuana or marijuana in general. The most common use of medical marijuana is to treat pain. However, there are other reasons of using marijuana as well. (Metts, Wright, Sundaram, & Hashemi, 2016). Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy treatment end up losing the ability to eat due to heavy nausea and vomiting. Medical marijuana has been shown in studies to counteract the negative vomiting and nausea caused by Chemotherapy treatment which enables the patients to have a healthy balanced diet which aids in the healing process. Other conditions marijuana benefits can be
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