The Term Factors Of The Judo And Kurash Federation

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In most sport organizations, the processes conducted and designed in the response to the needs of customers in the field of providing health and fitness results. Judo and Kurash Federation should ensure the creation of desirable impact in order to make changes and favorable impact in the Federation customers. Internal processes factor of Judo and Kurash Federation are instruments that Federation can achieve to its long-term goals by them. These dimensions can be in various forms as followes: expanding the activity in the field of communication, development processes of championship sports and creating positive image. From the respondents’ point of view to the questionnaire A (weighting and setting standard), internal processes factor in the Judo and Kurash Federation got mean score 25.44 out of 100 which contains 3 dimensions as follows; communication, development of championship sport procedure and creating a positive image which got the scores (weight) of 8.38, 7.38 and 4.66, respectively. Since the communication factor got the highest score, it shows the high importance of this dimension, indicates the high attention of Federation to development of communicative indices such as the number of signed memorandum between the Federation and internal and external institutions, the number of effective seats in the…show more content…
If we consider an organization as a car, finance resources plays the role of combustible material. So, each organization needs to the finance resources to move and these resources are energizing and turning on the engine of the organization finance factor in an organization has indices which represent the organization finance success. Obtaining proper finance results in the sports institutions and organizations is necessary for their development and survive and measuring and analyzing the finance results as an important result of en organization performance are considered as the necessities in the examination of organizations merits and weak

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