The Term Holocaust Is Defined By Merriam-Websters Dictionary

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The term holocaust is defined by Merriam-Websters Dictionary as "great destruction of life, esp. by fire" and the Holocaust as "the killing of millions of European Jews by the Nazis." This horrific crime is one of the most highly documented genocides of the 20th century. In an article for the Contemporary European History journal titled The Causes of the Holocaust, author Timothy Snyder writes, “. . . Hitler sealed a military alliance with the Soviet Union in August 1939. The German-Soviet invasion of Poland that quickly followed that September began a world war, destroyed the Polish state, and brought two million Jews under German power. For the first time, the special Einsatzgruppen were entrusted with mass murder. . .” When we put time…show more content…
Businesses were set ablaze by former friends and the same devoted customers that they had happily served only hours prior. These people tell firsthand how they were cast out of their own homes while their belongings were being tossed like garbage and their valuables distributed amongst all the attackers and people they once thought of as family. They serve as an example of how fast an entire nation of people can be swayed to do things that are hateful and immoral against their own fellow countrymen. This all resulted from a law that dictated the Jews had no rights to anything. Regardless if were pressured to do things or were motivated by self-benefit or economic reasons, each side is told in this exhibit. Every dark and guilty memory is shown through the eyes of real people. Despite the enormous amounts of graphic physical evidence there are still those who downplay the events that happened during the Holocaust. They claim the numbers of people murdered were highly exaggerated. A growing number of groups are denying the Holocaust ever occurred and are labeling it the “Holohoax”. Rather than face defeat by his newfound enemy (the United States), Hitler decided to rid himself of any evidence by any means possible. Some of the included methods were: evil scientific experiments, incineration, mass executions, gas chambers, poisoning and starvation. The Holocaust museum captures all
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