The Terminal Behavior

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The terminal behavior is for the rat to put its paws on the bar press and press for its own water delivery. There will be different sequence to be taken in the form of showing different behaviors to get to this place. Behaviors such as poking nose close or rest on bar press lever, grooming self next to bar lever and, pulling head outside of dipper hole. I planned to reinforce any behavior that the rat shows to fit the approximation. The sound made for the reinforcer press will become the conditioned stimulus will be the signal, that there will be water in the dipper. Change will gradually introduce when the rat becomes accustomed to this sound. There will be a continuous repetition of about ten reinforcers for this step. The criterion will be change to when the rat moves to the middle of the habitation, the frequency of the sound will be less but when the conditioned stimulus is dome, the rat should automatically display the behavior that reinforced earlier and moved towards the dipper. This will be done until the subject have increase in frequency of the desired behavior. Reinforcer will be delivered immediately upon noticing this behavior being exhibited as many times as necessary with the behavior. The rate of sound will decrease and reintroduce when the subject is at the back of the cage. Results The duration of the training session was 19:17. The rat was reinforced whenever it displayed any of the approximated behaviors. The shaping process was different

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