The Terminally Ill Patient’S Death Is Imminent, Isn’T Death

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The terminally ill patient’s death is imminent, isn’t death a natural cause of universe, imminent for all and not limited to the terminally ill? While euthanasia might be “Mercy Killing”, it does not differentiate it from an act of murder and neither and thus not justify. Euthanasia is the intentional killing of a patient for the patient’s sake either passive by withholding or withdrawing treatment or active through direct involvement. This subject is a controversial topic debated for quite some time. Although it is legal in less than 10 countries, by taking into consideration the physician’s frequent involvement with the terminally ill. It is evident that soon this number will increase as more physicians fight to legalize euthanasia.…show more content…
The following commentary will touch upon both sides of the debate for and against euthanasia to conclude as to which course of action should be taken once an HCP is faced with a situation much like that of Paul Mills. If Dr. Morrison’s act was to be perceived as the best course of action for a patient by the health care provided then there is no better treatment for a patient like Paul Mills than performing active euthanasia and he must not have been charged with first-degree murder when his only crime was to put the patient first. As mentioned before, the legal status of euthanasia in Canada is that a person has the right of withdrawal or refusal of a treatment, if deemed competent and that health care providers must respect that decision (Fisher, 2013, p. 194). This proves that He just ended the patient’s already ending life since euthanasia has two prominent features one being that it is the intentional killing of a man and second being that it is for the sake of that person which is what has been debated to distinguish it from normal killing. ("Euthanasia Fact Sheet | The World Federation of Right to Die Societies"). If we were to consider the candidacy of patient Mill’s to receive voluntary euthanasia he met all five of the necessary condition since he was suffering from terminal esophageal cancer,had a short life expectancy given that his death was imminent even with the continuation of treatment,was suffering as a direct result of the

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