The Terrible Old Man

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The Terrible Old Man Age is a precious thing, leaving us weak when we are young and old. Yet for an old man in Kingsport, strength and age are nothing, and some are curious why. I think; how awful it must be, not to be able to die. "The Terrible Old Man" is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, written on January 28, 1920, and first published in the Tryout, an amateur press publication, in July 1921. It's notable as the first story to make use of Lovecraft's imaginary New England setting, introducing the fictional town of Kingsport. The story is of an old man who at one point was a sailor but he is now a feeble old man. He is an old man, whom some say is so old, no one can remember him when he was young. With no name except the “terrible…show more content…
These included the meeting of both eyebrows at the bridge of the nose, curved fingernails, low-set ears and a pair of yellow eyes. Although not too popular in H.P. Lovecraft tales, the Terrible Old Man is a recurring character. He re-appears in another tale entitled “The Strange High House in the Mist” and is more of a benevolent character. Lovecraft guiding aesthetic and philosophical principle was what he called "cosmicism" or "cosmic horror", the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally hostile interests of humanity. As such, expresses his stories a profound indifference to human beliefs and affairs - which we can say that this story lives well up to. He gets the reader thoroughly confused by taking a wonderful mix of supernatural
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