The Terrible Trade Of The Slave Trade

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The Terrible Trade
Screams for relief, cries for comfort, and moans for death all revolved around the slave trade. The slave trade is an event that not only impacted Africa, but the whole world even still today. This essay will explain how cultures were ruined and families were torn apart. The slave trade has influenced history worldwide because it has impacted continents economically, socially, and politically.
The Middle Passage received its name because it is in the middle of the Triangular Trade. The legs of the triangular trade stretch from Europe to Africa, Africa to the Western Hemisphere, then back to Europe again. This was a great route for Europeans to get ships around the world quickly and efficiently. This is how the slave trade began (Meltzer 9). Most everyone in the world today has a descendant of slavery. Enslavement is a human being that is possessed by someone else, who does labor for free unwillingly. An owner could range from a king, queen, noble, tribe, government, clergy, or business owner. Slaves were considered similar to horses in a way because they could be bought, sold, hired out, exchanged, given as a gift, or inherited (1-9).
The slave trade was more than five hundred miles long and extended from Africa to the Americas. At least 30,000-55,000 ships went through the middle passage in the time of 1508-1888. In addition, only 9,778,500 out of the 11,698,000 slaves made it to the Americas.…

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